Compare/Contrast Time Yet Again


‘Corporate Legal Times, September, 2004; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR; Pg. 10

‘Boy Scout Pride

‘Dear Editor:
‘Bruce Collins is mistaken when he calls Boy Scouts a “fundamentally different” organization from the one he joined 40 years ago. [“An Eagle Scout Takes Issue With Group’s Politics” July, p. 7]. Boy Scouts is the same organization with the same values and goals. What is fundamentally different, however, is our times.

‘Some intolerant elements in our society want to force scouting to abandon its values and to become fundamentally different. They want scouting to forego its constitutional rights, affirmed in 2000 by the Supreme Court in BSA v. Dale, and adopt fundamentally different values from the ones that helped shape the character of Mr. Collins and 106 million other young men over the past 94 years.

‘It bothers Mr. Collins that scouting is defending itself, even though he acknowledged that it has been “dragged into” the “culture war.” He says the tone of our legal-issues web site,, is defensive. The site does seek to defend our values and to inform the public about the three-decade-long legal assault on scouting. That we need a legal-issues web site is testament to the fact that our constitutional rights are under attack.

‘Clearly, Mr. Collins longs for a time when the Boy Scout organization could give its undivided attention to the “good stuff” of Scouting: “camping and life skills …” So do we. Mr. Collins would do well to communicate his displeasure to those directing their discriminatory assault against his beloved Boy Scouts—the ACLU.

Douglas S. Smith Jr.
‘National Director of Program
‘Boy Scouts of America’

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« Now »:

‘A former official of the Boy Scouts of America is facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to charges of possession and distribution of child pornography. Douglas Sovereign Smith Jr., 61, was accused of receiving images over the Internet of children engaging in sex acts. Smith who lives in Colleyville, near Fort Worth, remains free until sentencing July 12. In addition to prison time he could be fined up to $250,000. Smith was a national program director and had been with the Boy Scouts for 39 years. One of his duties was leading a task force protecting youth from sexual abuse. … Smith has been an ardent supporter of the BSA’s ban on gays serving as scout leaders. … Smith was honored by the BSA last year with a Distinguished Service Award. His nomination read in part, “His visionary support to the National OA Committee has allowed our Order to move to new levels.”

Hypocrisy. It’ll bite ya on the ass every time.