Land of Civilized Enchantment

There was a vote last week in my home state’s legislature that « gives a glimmer of hope for civility, sanity and intelligence »:

‘The state House on Monday voted to abolish the death penalty in New Mexico and replace it with a sentence of life in prison without parole. The repeal bill passed on a vote of 38-31 and went to the Senate. “We believe that the time has come for New Mexico to take this thoughtful and practical step,” said the measure’s sponsor, Rep. Gail Beam, D-Albuquerque. Death penalty opponents have tried to get the law repealed for about eight years; it was the first time during that effort the full House had voted on it. Opponents of capital punishment said it does not deter murder, it’s expensive for the state, and there is a risk of executing innocent people.’

Santa Fe New Mexican

The « Death Penalty Information Center » has facts debunking the old deterrence myth.

Asi es Nuevo Mexico … and I’m proud of it.