Our Imperial Corporate Flag

Adbusters.org has the true American Imperial Corporate flag. The government might as well go ahead and adopt it; it’s more true than anything else flying.


Let’s let Adbusters say it:

‘Corporate America is revelling in a Golden Age. A shrinking number of the planet’s biggest businesses—AOL Time Warner, Shell, Nike, Microsoft, McDonald’s—are the money behind presidents, the power that drives global trade rules, the voice of authority on how we live and the way we think. Corporations have all the rights of we, the people, but thousands of times more money to make the system work for them. We call this system “democracy.” But today it looks a lot like corporate rule. … The flags snapping in the wind are raising sparks. You just don’t mess with America’s Old Glory. But many would say it’s been a corporate doormat for years. And today, the question is global. What counts as “independence”? And when will we win it back?’

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Updated 8-Feb-05_:

‘We are waking up to political reality. Even diehard Republicans now admit that corporations govern their lives. A small group of neocons has hijacked the good name of America and swapped it for dreams of empire. Opinion round the world is ranged against us. Americans of all political stripes are asking, “Is this my America anymore?”’

Good question.