Life With Jeepy at One Month Plus

Another 3-4 inches of snow fell overnight; it was soft and fluffy, with no ice. So this afternoon, we took a ride downtown.

The Grand continues to perform admirably; you have to do something really stupid to make it fishtail and it simply refuses to skid if you apply heavy brake. I’m loving the heating system and heated seats these days.

It’s getting a bit scruffy on the inside; these people are nuts with the salt around here, and there’s very little you can do to keep it out of your car. The mats are due for a scrubbing, and the seats in the rear need to be wiped down.

I remain very pleased with Jeepy 4 after a month of driving it. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is its 13/17 gas mileage. That’s very ‘ouch’-inducing.

It should be lots of fun driving to Oklahoma in April. But I dread the gas mileage I’ll get driving a trailer-load of books and other things the 1,000 miles back home.