Tipping Point

I went into Ambrosia twice today, once at 11.30 and once at 3.15, and both times it was too packed to find anywhere to sit down inside. I realized that the place has hit its tipping point of popularity, although Ambrosia has always kind of flown under the radar, never winning (or even placing on) any of those ridiculous Best Of polls that college towns are known for. I went in this morning and grabbed my tea to go (this thoroughly obnoxious law student was cursing a blue streak and bragging about a relative being the prosecuting attorney for a county north of here, and that was enough to drive me out), but it was even more packed this afternoon, so I just picked up my tea and sat at one of the outside tables and read some poetry. The weather was cold, but not really chilly by any means; I didn’t have to wear cap or gloves today, and it was actually kind of gloomily nice out there, with the delivery guys wheeling supplies on hand carts past me into the Indian restaurant next door and the cars whipping up and down Maynard as though it were a major thoroughfare and not a side street. Atmosphere: Ann Arbor does not lack in that. It may not be a given person’s kind of atmosphere, but that’s a debate I don’t get into. Other blogs are way better at those debates than I. Anyway, now that Ambrosia’s hit the big time (and their new counter people are getting snootier and sniffier and more Starbucks-ish), I wonder if it’s time to look for a new hangout? I really don’t like the utilitarian Espresso Royale much, I’m sorry to say. It’s almost always packed, and when it’s not, it’s good for a ten-minute sit, but not for lengthy meditation and musing. There are other coffee shops around, I know; I just have to start looking.