I Rocked the Vote

Yeah, baby. I just voted an hour ago. It totally rocked.

Our precinct is at Temple Beth Emreth on Packard. I arrived at 16:00 and got a great parking spot up front; I left at 16:15. 15 minutes from start to finish.

There was no one in the ‘M to Z’ line and I filled out my ‘application to vote’ slip and went to pick up my ballot. My voter card was checked, a bar code was applied to the book and the longest part was waiting behind five people for an open voting table.

The precinct worker told me it had been steady all day and none of them had been able to take a break.

I quickly marked my ballot, making sure that not a single mark was placed next to the name of any fascist party member. There was no wait to put my ballot in the optical reading machine.

The machine counter said my ballot was #869.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised. I was prepared for there to be no parking and to stand in line for an hour or two. While it was nice, it did make it appear that tales of long lines and delays weren’t true.

Still, it was a lovely voting experience in all.

On my way out of the polling place, a young lady asked me if I was a Kerry voter. I asked, ‘And who are you who wants to know?’

She said she was with Move-On.org. I said yeah baby. Apparently, they were checking off a list of Kerry voters who had promised to show up at the polls. There were a bunch of people on her list who had already shown up.


Rock the vote. If you haven’t voted, get out there and do it. And if you’re in Michigan, VOTE NO on Prop. 2, the Kill-The-Fag-Families Amendment.

If you did vote no on Prop. 2, Frank and I and others like us thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Hopefully, the long, four-year national nightmare will end later tonight.

A victory speech from President-Elect Kerry would almost be enough to send me to my knees thanking Jeebus and God and all the angels. First exit polls seem to be surprisingly good news.

‘Cautiously optimistic.’ That’s the mood around the AirBeagle household this evening.

Peace, y’all.