They Have Filthy Filthy Minds

This pretty much sums up the hypocritical state of the Empire. « Says Mike Reiss, a writer for The Simpsons »:

‘The rules governing what we may or may not say are a little hard to follow. This year, for instance, Howard Stern’s trash talk lost him six radio stations … then gained him nine more. The FCC imposed a $500,000 fine on radio stations for broadcasting the very same word Dick Cheney saw fit to use on the Senate floor. And churches urged families to see a blood-soaked, R-rated film in which Jesus gets the bejesus beat out of him.’

He then talks about the reaction of the Fascist FunDumbMentalists to his own children’s book and notes what he learned from the experience:

‘As for me, I’ve learned three things about the self-appointed watchdogs of modern morality:

1. They have no sense of history.

2. They have no sense of humor.

3. They have filthy, filthy minds.’

Yet another reason to LOVE The Simpsons … it has writers like Mike.