Nichols Arboretum

We went to Nichols Arboretum this afternoon, our first visit there. It seemed strange that there was no parking, but I found out after we got home that the main entrance is apparently on the other side from where we entered. (We parked on Oswego and walked across Geddes to enter.) The arboretum is large – 123 acres – but we didn’t spend much time there this afternoon except for a quick walk-through. It’ll probably be a lot more spellbinding once the leaves turn later in the month. Today, it was blindingly green. There is a huge meadow in the middle of the arboretum (another website I visited calls it the Main Valley), which today was populated mainly by hyperactive squirrels (I know the ones in our backyard are nowhere near as athletic as these were), nervous chipmunks, and the occasional jogger and alone-time student with a book. It’s worth a return visit, if only because evidently we only got the briefest of walks through the southern edge of it today.