T Minus Less than a Week

Much more temperate today than it’s been the past few days. I enjoy the sunlight and the warmth as long as there’s a dip in the humidity and there’s a breeze, or even a wind.

I had lunch at Frank’s today and the waitress/customer chatter was all about the upcoming Fair onslaught. There are actually four separate fairs, not just one—something I don’t think I fully appreciated until now. The university has sent out a twenty-point memo alerting one and all to the varied changes in bus route, street closures, and other attendant craziness and folderol to ensue at the tail end of next week. Some people at my place of work (and at my directed field experience) are thinking of taking vacation days.

I’m not sure whether to prepare myself merely for inconvenience or to give up and hide in the basement with the dog for four days. Steve was already through all of this once before—he was here in Ann Arbor looking for housing at this time last year while I bit my fingernails and wrapped up my job and my Bay Area existence—but I think he’s staying quiet about the enormity of it all.