Mild Summer So Far

It’s been a very nice, temperate few days in southeastern Michigan. The high humidity of a week or so ago seems to have abated for the moment. No rain in the past few days. The highs have been mild, in the low to mid-70s. The sky has been a perfect shade of bold azure. The conditions remind me a lot of good Bay Area weather. The squirrels are back out in force again, tormenting the poor befuddled beagle and making their daily appearances at the back patio for bread. I haven’t been able to enjoy the weather (or do much else) because I’ve been fighting a harsh tonsil inflammation (and my seasonal allergies, which have inexplicably returned after a couple of months in abeyance) for the past several days. We did go out briefly yesterday, because I had to pick up my paycheck at the university cashier’s office. We considered getting in line for Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” but the line, while not around the block, was definitely not short, and I still wasn’t feeling all that well. Maybe next weekend.