One Down, Six to Go

I took the first mid-term for my Brigham Young University independent study geography course Saturday—an undertaking necessary, says the state of Michigan, before I enter grad school June 29th. (Michigan says I need 12 undergrad credits in geography, political science and economics to meet their standards for an elementary social studies minor. Ain’t bureaucracy grand?)

The exam was surprisingly easy; just 50 questions, true/false, multiple choice and matching. Compared to the online graded assignments, it was a piece of cake, even though it was closed book and no notes. Questions asked in the assignments about theory and other esoterica weren’t asked on the midterm; instead, it asked, ‘Where does the Rhine River empty into?’ [The North Sea, of course, everyone knows that!]

There was no time limit, but it was suggested it would take two hours. I finished in 35 minutes, and that was with carefully rechecking answers and dawdling a bit.

I don’t think I aced it, I’m not saying that; I know of one question in particular I missed regarding which country exhibited a certain climate type. I’m guessing that I got either a high B or low A. We’ll see in a week or so after the exam makes its way back to Provo for grading.

In the meantime, things are well ontrack for the start of the ELMAC program. Next week comes midterms in Managerial Economics and Travel and Tourism Geography. I should then be ready for finals by the 20th or so of June. Then, God and the Sovereign State of Michigan willing, I’ll officially be a fully admitted graduate student of the University of Michigan.

I still catch myself wondering what the heck I’m doing sometimes. I’m too old for this s*** …