Weather today was really nice, not too muggy, sunny and warm later in the afternoon and evening. I walked home from campus after a brief stop at Panchero’s on South University for take-home burritos. It was a nice walk; East University had a couple of low-key parties going on in backyards, and you could smell barbecues grilling, a sure sign of the approach of Memorial Day and summer. Some sort of dandelion-like pollen wafted from trees on the block, which made my allergies act up for a bit, but nothing too severe (I’ve been surprised at how well I’ve escaped the allergy menace so far this spring). As I hit Stadium, the sun was starting to sink toward the horizon, and I was once again amazed at how low the sun gets here as it falls in the evening—so low that the light is all-surrounding and almost blinding if you’re moving towards it. And the quality of the light is different, too—torpid, stunning, almost mesmerizing.