My god I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s true; the Boy Emperor is incable of learning from his mistakes and « is beginning the march of war on Syria »:

’[The Boy Emperor] will order economic sanctions against Syria this week for supporting terrorism and not doing enough to prevent militant fighters from entering neighboring Iraq, congressional and administration sources said Monday. The sanctions, which the White House will impose as early as Tuesday, are being ordered because the administration believes Syria has aggravated tensions in the Middle East by supporting militant groups. “We have talked previously about our concerns when it comes to Syria’s continued development of weapons of mass destruction, when it comes to their support for terrorism and when it comes to their failure to adequately police its border with Iraq,” [Imperial Minister of Agit-Prop] Scott McClellan said.’

We’ll leave aside, for the moment, the laugh- and vomit-inducing arrogant and clueless accusation that Syria is aggravating tensions in the Middle East. I think Abu Ghraib and the West Bank have more to do with that than Damascus.

But if this hollowed-out and moral derelict man is re-coronated next January, look for the wingnuts to be screaming about WMDs in the spring, followed by cheering bloodlustily as the Big Red One enters Damascus triumphantly.

We have just one opportunity in November to attempt to restore sanity to the government. After that, well, it’s not gonna be pretty around here.