Who Shot Susannah?

Just woke up from another spectacularly weird dream … this one was a first, since it was just like watching a TV show and I wasn’t in it.

In fact, it was a TV show … Dallas, of all things. I don’t recall ever watching a single episode of Dallas ever. Not even the ‘Who Shot J.R.’ series. But it was in my dreams this morning.

Bobby (who I think was supposed to be J.R., but was called Bobby in my dream) was played by Jack Nicholson. His wife, Susannah, was played by Angie Dickinson. And yes, I know that Bobby’s wife was Pam and that there was know Susannah, but a Sue Ellen. Hey, it was a dream.

Anyway, Susannah went out to the oilfield in her Cadillac convertible to see Bobby. They talked for awhile and then he stabbed her. She was surprised. He walked away and while he was gone, she took out a pen and wrote, ‘Bobby Ewing did this to me,’ and signed it ‘Susannah Ewing,’ which is how I know how to spell her name.

She managed to put up the roof of the convertible while he was gone. When he came back, she took a gun from under the seat and shot at him and then put the car in gear and chased him around the pasture, finally cornering him and forcing him to fall backwards into a sunken concrete box, where he sat with only his head showing.

But suddenly somehow, the tables were turned and she ended up in the box. I woke up as he was dragging a hose from a gasoline pump over to the box so he could fill it up and set her on fire.

Yeesh. Pretty much the weirdest one I’ve had in a very long time.