More Screwing of the Workers Averted

The Boy Emperor’s Cabal’s attempts to screw workers out of overtime pay were scuttled by the Senate, at least temporarily, :

‘The U.S. Senate voted to block … Bush’s administration from putting into effect overtime pay regulations that would limit extra pay for some workers. Senators voted 52-47 to bar changes in overtime rules that would shrink the number workers eligible for overtime and 99-0 for another provision that guarantees overtime for workers in 55 professions, including computer programmers, teachers and journalists. Both provisions are attached to a tax bill that is being debated. … The votes mark the second time in a year senators moved to stop the Labor Department from issuing rules that would restrict overtime pay.’

Hooray for the Senate. But of course, the Orwellian administration immediately started bleating, ‘Won’t somebody please think of the corporations!!!!’ and whining that those nasty idiot workers at places like Wal-Mart are about to scuttle the entire economy and deny any profit at all for the embattled and put-upon rich by their endless whining and lawsuits:

‘Labor Secretary Elaine Chao has said the revisions would save U.S. companies including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and RadioShack Corp. $2 billion a year in litigation costs for overtime disputes. They would cost companies $1.1 billion for extra wages in the first year and $375 million for higher pay each year after that.’

The corporate shill/harpy has been on an extended PR campaign (a la Johnny Reb Asscroft’s tour of cities to drum up support for USAPATRIOT) to whine and moan and bitch and complain about those evil mean Democrats and labor unions:

’”As the issue moves to the House, we will continue to expose the misinformation campaign against the rules and strengthen overtime rights for workers,” Chao, 50, said in a statement.’

Isn’t it great how this disingenuous idiot warps the truth by saying that they want to ‘strengthen overtime rights for workers’ by stripping workers of overtime rights?

How disgusting are they gonna get?