My presentation was serviceable; it was supposed to clock in at 5 minutes and the professor signaled when I was going over the clock (which I don’t think she did with others who seemed to go over 5 minutes). I suppose that there were some advantages in going first (there were 19 presentations of 5 minutes each today, with a similar number scheduled for next week, and I had volunteered to go first), the biggest of which is that the nerves and the butterflies were quickly dispensed with. The disadvantage (or one of them) was that I got to see what others did with their presentations after I had already done mine, which meant that I couldn’t adjust my style in response.

Most everyone else’s were very good, excellent in some cases, but the difference was that mine, I think in retrospect, was kind of all over the map (given the topic I chose, that was probably inevitable). It was synthesized, but maybe it was a little too synthesized, maybe not reliant enough on scholarly journal articles and research. Oh, well. It’s done.

Now there is the final homework in 503, studying for and taking the 503 final, and finishing and presenting the looming Comm Studies paper.