Is That a Spine I Spy Underneath That Pink Tutu?!

Well, for goodness’ sake! « Has Dashle FINALLY grown a spine?! »:

‘Mr. President, last week I spoke about the White House’s reaction to Richard Clarke’s testimony before the 9-11 Commission. I am compelled to rise again today, because the people around the President are systematically abusing the powers and prerogatives of government. We all need to reflect seriously on what’s going on. Not in anger and not in partisanship, but in keeping with our responsibilities as Senators and with an abiding respect for the fundamental values of our democracy. Richard Clarke did something extraordinary when he testified before the 9-11 Commission last week. He didn’t try to escape blame, as so many routinely do. Instead, he accepted his share of responsibility and offered his perceptions about what happened in the months and years leading up to September 11. We can and should debate the facts and interpretations Clarke has offered. But there can be no doubt that he has risked enormous damage to his reputation and professional future to hold both himself and our government accountable. The retaliation from those around the President has been fierce. Mr. Clarke’s personal motives have been questioned and his honesty challenged. He has even been accused, right here on the Senate floor, of perjury. Not one shred of proof was given, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to have the perjury accusation on television and in the newspapers. The point was to damage Mr. Clarke in any way possible. This is wrong—and it’s not the first time it’s happened.’

‘The Commission should declassify Mr. Clarke’s earlier testimony. All of it. Not just the parts the White House wants. And Dr. Rice should testify before the 9-11 Commission, and she should be under oath and in public. The American people deserve to know the truth—the full truth—about what happened in the years and months leading up to September 11. Senator McCain, Senator Cleland, Secretary O’Neill, Ambassador Wilson, General Shinseki, Richard Foster, Richard Clarke, Larry Lindsay … when will the character assassination, retribution, and intimidation end? When will we say enough is enough? The September 11 families—and our entire country—deserve better. Our democracy depends on it. And our nation’s future security depends on it.’

Well, with all due respect, Mr. Minority Leader, I’ve been saying ‘enough is enough’ for three years now and begging, wishing, pleading, praying for you and your party to grow a spine and say the same thing. Welcome to the anti-fascist bandwagon. Now are you gonna just make speeches or are you gonna go out and DO something about it? We are powerless, you are not. Do your job; send DeLay to Leavenworth and Bush/Cheney back to Texas. Please.

Oh, great speech by the way …